London Kelley

I am a creative copywriter with 3+ years of professional experience specializing in SEO website content, from product descriptions and landing pages to blog writing and building highly targeted email automations and drip campaigns.

With a history of incredible ad copy that gets clicks, or technical and detail-oriented blog writing, I am equipped to deliver you high-caliber copy in your brand voice.

My Services

I am passionate about helping people discover new information that brings value and offers them a better choice. I create content rooted in your brand's core values and voice that creates connection and inspires confidence. I utilize proven SEO strategies to win traffic and visibility and boost engagement. I would love to help you grow your business and convert those prospects into loyal customers. If that sounds good to you, let's chat!

About Me

My favorite things in life are the simplest things. Breathing fresh air, spending time with my beloved, and serving my fellow humans with heart. A stream of miracles has led me where I am today, guiding my work and relationships. I love learning and expanding my skill sets to reach more people and further my potential as a creator. Life is meant to be lived in service and purpose- and here I am. 

Contact Me

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